Fifty House Soho - Milano

Our Lofts

Staying at Fifty House Soho in Milan means more than just booking a hotel; it is the start of a journey around art and design.

The guest will feel as part of an intimate and elegant dimension. Fifty House Soho is a shelter where the traveller can feel cuddle, staying away from the bustle of the metropolis, the city of business and fashion.

As a result of its unique characteristics, and mostly the elegance of the interior, vast and welcoming, Fifty House Soho is the perfect place to host, not only short stays but also long periods in the maximum security and privacy.

In addition, in compliance with the provisions of the Italian Government and the Ministry of Health, all prevention provisions and measures for the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus will be scrupulously followed


The Offers

Charme and convenience without comparisons. The most exclusive structures, to the good price.