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Client privacy information As per Art .13 D.LGS. 196/03 
Luxury Hotel Srl Group with registered office in Via Benvenuto Cellini 14, 20121, Milano (MI) with tax ID 08746440968, as per art. 28 d.lgs. 196/03 Owner of handling of personal information (following “ Owner” ) carrying out the conditions expected from art. 13 d.lgs. 196/03 provided herewith.
This disclosure details the methods and limitation of the handling of the client’s personal data.

Purpose of data processing
The aim of the data processing of client’s personal information are herewith listed:
1. Management for services offered by the hotel structure;
2. Fulfillment of legal ruling (specifically, article 109 of R.D. 18.6.1931 n. 773, the makes mandatory to enter and communicate to the Questura all particulars of all clients that stay at the hotel).
3. All messages and phone calls directed to client
4. Marketing activities: all promotional material.

Length of data processing
Personal information will be handled for the necessary length in relation to the offered services made available for the hotel and, at later date, to carry out any obligation mandated by law.

Conferring of personal data
Conferring of personal data is mandatory in relation to points 1 and 2: refusal to abide by such will determine the hotel’s impossibility to welcome the guest to the hotel.
Conferring of personal data is optional in reference to points 3 an 4: refusal to provide personal information in reference to the before mentioned points will not preclude the guest stay at the hotel.

Communication and data sharing
Highlighting that, in relation to the above mention information, the employee personal information can be shared with third party in relation with the collaboration with the owner or to fulfill and obligations mandated by law. Any third party is forbidden to share any information they may come across in relation to the below categories:

  • Authorities, public administration offices, public safety offices for their institutional needs.
  • Subjects that collaborate with the hotel in order to reach the afore mentioned purpose.
  • Subjects that provide services for the IT management of the hotel

Rights of the parties involved

In relation to the handling of the guests personal information the following rights can be applied, as per art.7 d.lgs. 196/03 state:

  • Obtain confermation of the excistence of information related to the guest
  • lear and understand the origin of personal data and the purpose and instruction of their handling
  • the logistic and workings in place to consider when technology is utilized to manage private information
  • to obtain a cancellation, transformation under anonymity o the group of data that is managed in violation of laws, the updating and the rectification and integration of them
  • to oppose, for leagal motives, to the handling of them.

The execution of the above rights can take place within the limits and with the conditions requested by art. 8, 9 e 10 del d.lgs. 196/03 by addressing the legal offices directly and relating to the appointed person in Via Benvenuto Cellini 14, 20121, Milano (MI) tax ID 08746440968, via email to the following address info@hlhcollection.com.


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